What is a PCP? 

You may have heard of the term PCP - which stands for primary care provider.  This is a doctor or clinic where you go on a regular basis for your health needs.


It's a really good idea to have a PCP so that you develop a relationship with the provider, and, in turn, they get to know your health issues better.  Plus, when you get sick, you are more likely to get same day appointment and not have to go to the emergency room.

If you need help with finding a doctor or deciding on the right health plan, contact

Sacramento Covered 866-850-4321 or 916-414-8333. You will get to speak with a health navigator who can help. Service is free and in multiple languages. 


To get a PCP, contact a doctor or clinic of your choice and make an appointment to establish yourself as a patient. Don't wait until you are sick to make an appointment. 

Before finding a doctor, make sure you first have Medi-Cal, which is free health insurance for foster youth living in California. Visit our page  about how to get Medi-Cal for more info.

There are two types of Medi-Cal coverage: fee-for-service or commonly known as "straight Medi-Cal" and managed care Medi-Cal. You need to know which type you have. Click here for more information about how to apply for Medi-Cal.


If you have straight Medi-Cal, you do not have to sign up for a health plan. This means you can go to any doctor, therapist, hospital, or dentist that accepts Medi-Cal. Click here for a list of Sacramento clinics that accept straight Medi-Cal. 


If you have managed care Medi-Cal coverage, you can only go to doctors and providers who are part of your health plan network.  For example, if you chose Kaiser as your health plan, you can only go to a Kaiser doctor or clinic. Some clinics may accept certain types of managed care Medi-Cal. Be sure to call first and check. 

If you are not sure which type of Medi-Cal you have, click here for contact information to find out. 

Database of Medi-Cal Fee-for Service Providers.  This is a large database of all Medi-Cal providers in California. You can download the list or filter by county/city name. You would need to call the provider to see if they are accepting new patients.


To learn more about a specific health condition such as asthma, we recommend the following websites:

Mayo Clinic

Medline Plus

Go Ask Alice!


It's good to be informed about your health but do not diagnose or treat yourself with information online. Your body is complex. Doctors, nurses, and other health professionals are trained to help you with your health problems. 

There are many other good websites out there, but be careful of websites not recommended by us as they may give bad health advice. It's generally safe to use information from websites with domain names that end with .gov or .edu, for example, If you are not sure if a website contains credible information, feel free to email us - we can check it out and give you our opinion about the site. 


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